Creative Consultation

“Jude is a pleasure to work with. Extremely creative and on the ball she helps business owners take control and grasp direction of their creativity. Her imagination is limitless and I would definitely recommend Jude, her work, courses and seminars.”


Matthew Larcombe, Memo Events

Creative Seminar

Jude is incredibly creative in helping you to adjust your mindset to understand your ambitions and therefore achieve realistic objectives that you never thought were possible. She is also  a very good speaker.


Graham Davis, Sales Audit Trail

Creative Speech

“Jude gave an enjoyable speech.  She brought both humour and interactivity, inviting us to exercise our creative imaginations.”


Felicity Dwyer, Stepping up Training

Creative Seminar

Both interesting and uplifting. Jude’s talks really show that if you believe that you can achieve something then you are halfway there.
Sam Cox 'Wiltshire Graphic Design'

Creative Workshop

Jude Price ran a day-long workshop for a week-long Creative Workshop Week that I organised for my BA (Hons.) Advertising & Brand Communication undergraduate students from the University for the Creative Arts.
The title of her day-long workshop was ‘Raw and Unadulterated’, during which Jude set the students a number of exercises and tasks around the theme of discovering the inner, real authentic person inside.
It was a thorough success; the students were totally engaged, throwing themselves into each task with impressive gusto and abandonment.
One of Jude’s great strengths is her refreshing honesty, which in turn put the students at their ease and so made it possible for each of them to demonstrate a level of critical personal enquiry that would otherwise not have been possible. I, too, engaged in one of the afternoon’s activities and found it to be  a marvelously liberating experience.
Tellingly, the first year students who attended have since adapted to the experimental nature of the first year of our course far more quickly than those colleagues who were unfortunately unable to attend.

I therefore can’t recommend Jude too highly.

Gareth Pitman BA CSD AOI PGCE, Senior Lecturer and Head of Creative, BA (Hons.) Advertising & Brand Communication. UCA Farnham

Creative Consultation

Jude is a creative inspiration. Her manner, personality and approach to teaching creative skills are liberation in an otherwise hectic world. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.

Katherine Lee, Bendon Lee, Indépendant Investor Relations

Creative Coaching

I had no preconceptions about what was involved what I needed or wanted. Jude helped me identify some major problem areas in my life that that I hadn’t realised were there. I was then able to go away and deal with those things. An area we identified was undervaluing my worth in my business. Helped to see what appeared to be blindingly obvious I then went and saw a marketing consultant who helped me set my prices more sensibly.

Patricia Fox Williamson, Figure Fox

Creative Coaching

A big thank you for all your encouragement and support during life-coaching. Changing your life is not easy, but with your gentle guidance, honesty and wisdom some of my life long dreams are coming true. Thank you for helping me to find the courage and giving me the tools for perseverance to succeed where I might have failed or not even started at all. Keep up your good work it is truly life enriching.

Avril Lloyd, Freestone Ltd

Memory Skills Training

Great professional approach to enabling success in the participants.

Tony Henderson-Newport, IT Senior Project Manager, Vodafone Limited

Memory Skills Training

Recommended as a fun and creative trainer

Richard Lindsay, Vodafone

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