Talk about Mental Health


Often employees are scared to talk about their mental health issues at work and so problems may intensify. Stigma caused by myths and misconceptions of mental health further restrict openness on the subject.

I would like to see more organisations show that mental health matters to them, and to normalise conversations about mental health. I feel the best way to do that is to treat mental health the same way as physical health. By having a Mental Health First Aider to hand it will show the workforce that they are valued and that by being open about their mental health issues it will lead to support not discrimination.

Having struggled in the past to get jobs and then to keep jobs due to my own mental health issues and my own personal stigmas, I now feel passionate about giving mental health the same status as physical health at work.

To feel that mental health in the workplace matters and that an organisation cares enough to have a Mental Health First Aider would have made a huge difference to me and my recovery.

Having taken the long way to get to where I am, I hope I can be instrumental in making it an easier journey for many more.

talking about mental health in a compassionate and considered way, can have a major impactTalk


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