Creativity for Mental Strength

We are all creative—it is just that some people do not realize it. 

Creativity enables you to think outside the box and come up with ideas and solutions that others have never thought of before. It is also a healthy way to release the stresses and pressures of our daily life. It also gives you an advantage for building mental strength.

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. – Arthur C. Clarke

Mental strength comes from a steely determination to push boundaries and believe in great achievement. 

Creative thinking leads to self-actualization and to mental strength.

 1 Accept Resistance Accepting resistance can bring positive change. It is easy to be down on ourselves and we tend to get in our way.Feeling guilt or even shame can delay progress and can actually reinforce bad habits.Self-acceptance and compassion are needed so we can move forward without being too judgmental or critical of ourselves. Change the way you look at your mistakes.

2 Develop a Compelling Vision
 A clear vision will help with both growth and development. Develop a vision to work towards and that will keep you inspired.
3 Commitment
 A transformation will not happen in an instant. You need to practice it. Be in it for the long term.
 No matter what you are working on, your brain needs time to make new connections and will need repeated practice. Repetition is needed on a daily basis.
 4 Expect Some Hiccups Along the Way
 Even when you know this process there will still be some influences.
 Backsliding will happen along this road. If you know this it will not be able to discourage you.
 You need to learn to accept yourself and have compassion so it won’t stop the progress that you have been making.
 5 Moderation is Key
 We often allow excitement to take over our path. We see a change right outside our doors.
 In this time of excitement, we put our nervous system on high alert.
Building mental strength is not a fast thing, it will take time. If you put the strain on yourself, you are adding tension to your body including the nervous system.
 6 Look at the Bright Side
 If you take yourself or your growth seriously than you will delay your effort.
 The primitive part of the brain will hold you back and ruin your efforts.
 Be light hearted in life. Take the time to have a good laugh. Have some fun and your efforts will be rewarded.
 7 Set Small Goals
 On the path to mastery, you will sometimes need to practice your skills without a specific goal in mind.
 While keeping this in mind you will remain focused and these smaller goals can help you keep track of your progress. Your attention should not be on just the main goals, these smaller goals can keep you focused.
 8 Develop Physical Energy
 No matter what path you take, your physical energy will help handle stress, overcome resistance, and follow through with the process of self-awareness. Willpower is needed but when our energy runs low so does the willpower. If you begin your practice every morning you will be able to follow through after sleeping.
 After working all day our energy levels are low and practice can be a challenge. To increase physical energy, get a good night’s sleep, eat a balanced diet, exercise, have a proper posture, practice breathing, and try stretching to improve overall health.
 9 Honesty
 You need to be honest with yourself and others. Do not allow your ego to get larger and do not allow it to deflate either. It is important to be honest and open. Do not hold in your true feelings.
 10 Empowering Habits
 All the greats have habits they follow so they can put on their best performance.
 These habits can help you as well. Daily practice can be part of the ritual of building habits and keep you motivated.

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