Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Is fear good for you?

Yes…. Fear is our survival instinct. It is a biochemical response to threats and danger. It has protected our species from the sabre tooth tiger and the like through the centuries..! The adrenaline produced when you venture outside your comfort zone releases endorphins which make you feel alive.

When fear releases adrenaline you have a choice wether to go with it or run. The more we run from things the more likely it is that the fear turns into stress. Bad stress is intense and goes on and on and can be debilitating, where as short bursts of adrenaline fire you up and get you going.

Jumping from a plane (with a parachute..!) performing outrageous karaoke in front of a crowd, or riding the corkscrew coaster at speed can lessen your chances of long term anxiety, the more you realise it is fun. That’s because your brain tags the experience as a positive one. After a while, your body learns to turn what may be seen as stressful situations into something exciting. If your mouth goes dry, your stomach is clenching, and your palms feel wet, then something truly exhilarating is about to happen!


Fear is something we all experience. One of our most common fears is fear of failure.

Fear of failure can be linked to many causes.  Being undermined and humiliated in childhood, can carry negative feelings into adulthood.

Experiencing a traumatic event at some point in your life can also be a cause. For example, you take the blame for something that turns out not to be your fault. Being a scapegoat for the good of others.The experience might have been so indelible that you develop a fear of failure about other things. You may carry that fear even now, years later. The good news is that you can turn that fear around to work for you.

The important thing about fearing failure is: we know that we all fail. That means the most “successful” people have failed. The secret is; people who are willing to take risks are anxious too. They just don’t let the anxiety stop them. In the words of Susan Jeffers they ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

Take risks………. my fear of what people might think, in particular my family, is a risk I am about to put to the test. Body image issues stemming from childhood is the huge obstacle that I have put in my way which I am about to overcome. I am going to take the plunge and bare all in a world record attempt to hold the biggest skinny dip to raise money for Marie Curie. Jumping naked into the Dorset sea with hundreds of other people is the challenge I am about to face in order to feel liberated and confident about my body.

I am realising that the only obstacles in the way are the ones we put there ourselves..

People who overcome their fear of failure have decided that they value something more than they fear something.

So the big question: What matters to you more than not failing?

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