Strength in Vulnerability



exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, physically or emotionally:


Is Vulnerability a weakness..?

Many people see vulnerability as a weakness, a negative state to be in.

Society has taught us to be very security conscious, guarded and to maintain a stiff upper lip at all costs. Our exterior facade shows that we are in control of our life.

Are we building our barriers too high? OK we are not going to be harmed or attacked, but equally are we missing out on some great opportunities that float by in front of our very eyes….?


Is it time to let those barriers down..?

Even if we were to allow ourselves to feel unguarded, fear stops our vulnerability from showing. For most of us that first flash of fear gets so quickly covered up by irritation or even anger that we are not even aware of that fear. The irritation or anger masks our vulnerability and allows us to feel justified in our defense.

So is fear just a word we assign to the negative feeling that happens when we resist vulnerability? When we give up defending ourselves our barriers are broken down.


Is there a strength in Vulnerability..?

To me, being vulnerable means that I open up to something that could potentially cause me pain or make me feel uncomfortable, but I am willing to take that chance because the something I may gain is worth the risk.


You take a risk by opening up, but to gain great opportunities, isn’t that a small price to pay..?


As I see it, vulnerability is only a weakness if we recognise a fault, a bad habit and do nothing about it. I recently have had it pointed out that I use avoidance techniques to put off the inevitable.

My vulnerability, my achilles heel lies in my fear of rejection.

The fact that whilst I am researching, compiling, planning, I don’t have to finish anything and face a rebuff.

In hindsight I have played the avoidance game for a long time without really understanding my frustration about not completing projects. I am an artist, I had accepted that I go off on tangents..!                                                     Has recognising that I don’t finish things helped me get my ultimate goal..?            No…  by admitting to myself and others I am playing to my fear of being judged ridiculed and rejected. I am also opening up to my vulnerability and the chance to surpass what has held me  back for so long.

What is my ultimate goal…??….I will tell you in next months post…..

What is your achilles heel..?  where are you most vulnerable..?


Are you ready to open up to your own vulnerability..?

Be open and sensitive to your doubts and fears. See irritability and anger as a possible mask for an area you feel vulnerable in.

I like the openness in feeling vulnerable.

It is actually a relief not to have that barrier, hard as it is at first, if you hold the intention to be open it happens more and more.

Sometimes we try too hard, when we just need to let go

“When I let go of what I am I become what I might be..!”


Is fear just a word we assign to the negative feeling that happens when we resist vulnerability?                               How is fear good for you?                                                                                                                                                                                                    Next time ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway

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