Why Change a Habit..?

WHY CHANGE A HABIT..?   Having chosen a habit that you want to change and identified the triggers we are now going to look at the routine and rewards of that said habit. Components of a habit Cue: The trigger for your behavior –environmental, emotional and situational factors. Routine: Physical, mental or emotional actions you engage in as a result of the trigger. Reward: The benefit you experience as the result of that action. [...]

Force of Habit.

Have you tried to change a habit and failed..? Most attempts at changing habits end in failure. Why is that? Most attempts are aimed at alleviating the symptom of the habit, not at eliminating the root cause of the habit and being impatient. Habits are persistent, ingrained and not easily overwritten. Changing habits requires motivation, determination, and lots of staying power. Understanding your habit is the key to successful results… [...]

Have you got a Habit..?

MMM….. Have you got a Habit ?……………OK I am not talking about the gear worn by those of a religious persuasion. I am talking about those behaviors that we do over and over again.  Habits that we all have, some good some not so good and some that are plain detrimental. some we don’t even realise we have because they are so ingrained in our psyche.   The most important [...]


Doodles are Expressions of the Subconcious Mind

They are based on symbols and images that we have built up from childhood. Those who carry on in artistic ways such as drawing may do more intricate doodles in later life. However the real beauty of this pursuit is not only is does it give a release from the pressure of our fast paced lives, it can also give insight into who we are. A bit of fun and [...]

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