The Bigger Picture Project

The Bigger Picture Project looks at the Bigger Picture for Corporates, Charities and SME’s from an individual and team point of view..

Purpose of Project

To share skill sets across several sectors.

Embrace Difference

Creative Collaboration

Benefits of art/creativity in business

This year the nominated charity is Enham Trust

How it works

The Big Picture Workshop

The workshop looks at the benefits of working collaboratively, what people will get out of the project and what they can offer to the project.

Skill Sharing

Charity shares a challenge, conundrum, project where outside help would benefit.

SME’s donate agreed amount of time over agreed period to the chosen charity to share their skills and expertise.


Connecting to a wider market.

What does everyone get out of it..!!


Awareness of a local charity and its work

New ideas for both the charity and their business.

Community building.

The Bigger Picture.

If you want to know how to get involved or to set up your own Bigger Picture Project then please contact me on 07795423101